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king s sometimes they come back and other stories иногда они возвращаются и другие рассказы купить по лучшей цене

Nine deliciously dark, funny and twisted short stories from one of America’s top crime writers.EXCLUSIVE EBOOK EDITION ALSO INCLUDES A FREE EXTRACT FROM LAURA’S FORTHCOMING NOVEL THE INNOCENTS.If you haven’t discovered Laura Lippman yet, delve into these nine ingenious tales and read an exclusive extract from Laura’s latest novel The Innocents.Within this collection, Laura Lippman takes us from Dublin in ‘Honor Bar’ to Washington D.C. in ‘ARM and the Woman’ and to New Orleans in ‘Pony Girl.’ Other higlights include a rare interview with Tess (of Laura’ popular Tess Monaghan series) in ‘The Accidental Detective.’Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous and always filled with shocking twists and turns, expect the unexpected…If you enjoy this collection, why not try ‘Femme Fatale and other stories’. Also available now as an exclusive ebook short story collection.
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