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A volume in Research in Social EducationSeries Editor Merry Merryfield, The Ohio State UniversityThe primary purpose of this book is to invite educators to (re)think what it means to critically conceptualizeknowledge about the world. In other words, imagining curriculum in a critical way means decolonizingmainstream knowledge about global societies. Such an approach re-evaluates how we have come to knowthe world and asks us to consider the socio-political context in which we have come to understand whatconstitutes an ethical global imagination. A critical reading of the world calls for the need to examinealternative ways of knowing and teaching about the world: a pedagogy that recognizes how diversesubjects have come to view the world. A critical question this book raises is: What are the radical ways ofre-conceptualizing curriculum knowledge about global societies so that we can become accountable to thedifferent ways people have come to experience the world? Another question the book raises is: how do weengage with complexities surrounding social differences such as gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc., in theglobal contexts? Analyzing global issues and events through the prism of social difference opens up spacesto advocate a transformative framework for a global education curriculum. Transformative in the sense thatsuch a curriculum asks students to challenge stereotypes and engages students in advocating changes withinlocal/global contexts.A critical global perspectiv...
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