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Research shows that discipline problems are prevalent in public schools and continue to be one of the greatest challenges in education. In Building Bridges , author Dr. Don Parker shows educators how to address this issue head-on. He shares an array of evidence-based strategies to build student-teacher relationships and create a welcoming learning environment that fosters student engagement, motivation, and achievement. Support students at risk by creating a positive school culture and building trust: Consider the student behaviors, characteristics, and experiences that are typically barriers to success in school. Learn how and why punitive punishments and zero-tolerance policies have failed to curb poor behavior in schools. Understand the importance of student-teacher relationships and the ways in which trust and positive relationships improve student behavior. Develop your ability to build positive student-teacher relationships through educational techniques, classroom management strategies, and teaching methods. Study the research that supports the many academic and social benefits of student-teacher relationships. Examine the ways in which school culture and climate affect the behavior of students and classroom engagement. Contents: Foreword Introduction Chapter 1: Develop the Mindset Chapter 2: Show That You Care Chapter 3: Establish a Culture for Learning Chapter 4: Don't Take Bad Behavior Personally Chapter 5: Create an Effective Classroom Management Plan Chapter 6: Connect Through Content Chapter 7: Use the Back Door Chapter 8: Take an Ecological Approach Chapter 9: Develop Empathy Chapter 10: Teach Life Skills and Give Students Hope Chapter 11: Build Students' Self-Esteem Chapter 12: Get to the Root of the Problem Chapter 13: Communicate With Your Heart Chapter 14: Open Up Chapter 15: Seal the Bond and Provide Effective Feedback Epilogue References and Resources Index
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